Tanning Packages & Memberships

Looking for a place to get a gorgeous tan at an affordable price? Look no further than Texas Tan in Gun Barrel City. With a wide variety of tanning packages and memberships available, we've got the perfect option to fit your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a quick touch-up before a big event or want to maintain a year-round glow, Texas Tan is sure to have the perfect package for you. So why wait? Stop by today and start enjoying the benefits of a beautiful tan!

One Month Memberships

1 Month Level One Tanning $40

Enjoy unlimited tanning for 30 days in our 10 or 20 minute level one tanning beds.

1 Month Mega Tanning $70

Enjoy unlimited tanning for 30 days in our MEGA beds.

1 Month VIP Tanning $90

Enjoy unlimited tanning for 30 days in our exclusive PYRAMID stand up system, our PLATINUM beds, our MEGA beds, or our 20 minute beds. The choice is yours!

1 Month of Premier Tanning $120

Enjoy 30 days of tanning in any of our tanning equipment PLUS unlimited VersaPro spray tanning.

Three Month Memberships

3 Months of Unlimited Tanning

Level One $99

Mega $180

VIP $240

Premier $330

Enjoy 90 days of unlimited tanning PLUS 2 FREE Upgrades.

Pay in full or pay half now and half in 1 month.

Six Month Memberships

6 Months of Unlimited Tanning

Level One - JUST $28 per month!

Mega - JUST $55 per month!

VIP - JUST $75 per month!

Premier - ONLY $100 per month!

Includes 4 free upgrades, 20% discount on any lotion purchase, and 2 free guest passes.

Twelve Month Memberships

12 Months of Unlimited Tanning

12 Months of Level One Tanning - JUST $28 per month!

12 Month Mega Membership - JUST $55 per month

12 Month VIP Membership - JUST $75 per month

12 Month Premier Membership - JUST $100 per month

Includes 6 free upgrades, 50% off 1 tanning lotion purchase, and 4 guest passes.


One week of level 1 tanning $20

One week of Mega tanning $36

One week of VIP tanning $54

Two weeks of level 1 tanning $30

Two weeks of Mega tanning $50

Two weeks of VIP tanning $65

Tanning Packages

5 Level One Tans $28

10 Level One Tans $50

20 Level One Tans $90


5 Mega Tans $55

10 Mega Tans $105

20 Mega Tans $200

VIP Level:

5 Pyramid or Platinum Tans $85

10 Pyramid or Platinum Tans $150

20 Pyramid or Platinum Tans $280

Individual Tanning Sessions

Level One $6 per session

Mega bed $12 per session

VIP Bed $18 per session