Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

We carry a wide variety of tanning lotions and tan extending moisturizers. We have tried them all! We will be glad to help you choose one that you will love. Did you know that using a tanning lotion will increase the results of your session by 30 to 40%? Our tanning products start at just $15. No reason to break the bank. We will help you find a product that fits your budget.

A Few of Our Absolute Favorites

island black lotion

Island Black

There’s black, and then there’s island black. This worthy-of-worship island glow continues to develop beyond your darkest desires, ultimately reaching an unmistakable “paradise bronze”. No luggage & jet lag- the best part of an island getaway is right here.

oh so sexy lotion

Oh So Sexy

This cult classic formula just received a provocatively sexy makeover. Oh So Sexy’s™ captivating body crème mingles a luxe blend of Guarana, Electric Daisy and Black Poppy extracts to help exfoliate, contour and hydrate. This romantically luscious skin lingerie will have you feeling as though you own the night.

spellbound entranced lotion

Spellbound Entranced

Come… fall under the spell all over again with Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced™! Calling upon the power of the most mystifying bronzers from our Black Label Private Reserve™, this majestic dark tanning potion has been conjured to perfection.

black tulip lotion

Black Tulip

Known as one of the rarest flowers in the Netherlands, the ‘Black Tulip’ develops such a dark, beautiful, long lasting color that we were able to emulate this phenomenon and develop a skin softening bronzing lotion that will aid in achieving the deep, long lasting, sought after color only available in the rarest of formulas.